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How Wales is transforming its schools into learning organisations

By Marco Kools
Analyst, OECD Directorate for Education and Skills

In 2011, Wales embarked on a large-scale reform to improve the quality and equity of its education system. Since then, the reform has increasingly focused on the implementation of a new, 21st-century school curriculum that calls for developing young people into “ambitious, capable and lifelong learners” who are “enterprising and creative, informed citizens, and healthy and confident individuals”. This vision also aligns with the framework being developed by our Education 2030 project.

To support the successful implementation of this curriculum, Wales has set an objective to develop its schools into learning organisations. These schools have the capacity to change and adapt to new environments and circumstances as its members learn, collectively and individually, how to implement a shared vision. Schools in Wales have already made substantial progress toward this objective, as we describe in our new report, but a consider…